About Us

About Us

Above The Line is a networking group in the Atlanta area, aiming to bring together artists and professionals in the film and television industry. Our group is hoping to provide a welcoming atmosphere for any film and television artists and professionals in the Atlanta area, hoping to branch out and meet new people. We take pride in offering opportunities for a community of like-minded individuals in the Atlanta area.

Above The Line hopes to provide valuable opportunities for professional creatives in the Atlanta area. We hope our community will inspire each other through conversation and education. We hope to provide the push many film and television industry professionals need. Our community of members will learn from each other, while establishing long-term relationships and contacts in this ever-growing industry.

Please make sure to reserve your spot for our Kickoff Meeting at the Hanna Brothers Studio Café Noon on June 4th. We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to many others looking for contacts and collaborators in the Atlanta area. We hope this group helps many film and television professionals find fellow creatives with similar goals, while learning even more about this expanding industry, and how to make the most of your talents in the Atlanta area.

Film and Television artists and professionals are needed in the Atlanta area, and we hope to help all our members find the perfect use for their talents and skills. We take pride in connecting our members with other artists and professionals, in the hopes of finding work and inspiration for all our members and their projects.

If you are looking for a networking group full of fellow artists and creatives in all areas of the film and television industry, look no further than Above The Line. We hope to hear from you soon. Please reserve your spot for our upcoming kickoff meeting on June 4th.