Welcome to Above The Line

Ready…Action! Networking Group

Above The Line is a networking group for artists and professionals working within the film and television industry. We look forward to providing an invaluable environment for anyone in the film and television industry looking to meet others in the field.

We are a group of connected businesses and professionals, hoping to help each other expand and grow our talents and connections within this ever-growing industry in Georgia.

Above the Line welcomes any individual, whether you are new talent or would like to get an insight to see if this career path is something you want.


Above The Line wants to provide an informative and gratifying space for everyone in the Atlanta area working within the Film and Television industry.

We want to provide a space for networking between like-minded creatives looking for collaborators, contacts, and friends.

Our organization wants to offer networking opportunities, informative meetings, and provide knowledge shared from the extensive experience of all our various members.

Our networking group hopes to create a community of like-minded film and television professionals.

Above The Line also hopes our group will educate and inspire each other through all our prospective film and television projects.

We want to create a close-knit and helpful community through meetings and networking events.

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Core Principals

We have a single goal for anyone that come to visit us: Leave with more information that you were looking for than when you started.

Our core principals are:


To educate individuals about the film and television industry and what it has to offer.


Inspire new and fresh ideas for both individuals and projects within the area.


Learn more about what each individual has to offer and take that knowledge and put it to good use.


Refer projects, organizations or individuals to each other.

We are now on Winter Break!

Thank you for attending our last event of the year! We will notify you via email and social media about our upcoming events as they are scheduled. We will meet at the Studio Café by Hanna Brothers located at 461 Sandy Creek Road, Fayetteville, GA 30214. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to meet and greet fellow industry professionals.

We hope to create a community of film and television artists and professionals. Our goal is to create a community of education and inspiration between film and television artists and professionals in the Atlanta, GA area.

We hope to offer opportunities for artists and professionals in all areas of the film and television industry. Our community will connect writers, directors, producers, artists, and many more important aspects of the ever-evolving Georgia film industry.